No one business or team is the same

We all come to SaaS from different places 

Cloud ArchiTech will meet you where you are


take you where you want to be

A deeper view of what we can help you with:

We provide setups, redesigns, retrofits & training for users of all leading CRM suites

Converting a lead into a potential buyer requires efficient communication & nurturing. From lead generation, to scoring, to conversion; we can help you setup & automate your entire sales pipeline

Keeping a close eye on deals is easier when deal progress & associated numbers are visualised on a single screen

CRMs enable one to keep an exact finger on the pulse of how much of your expected revenue is near closing, & which deals require immediate attention

Using your chosen CRM system, we can help you integrate automation with business suites like Gmail or Outlook

Customer & leads can reach out to you in a number of ways. Respond to @mentions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & engage website visitors through live chat, call prospects, email campaigns, & manage all customer communication from a CRM that best suits your needs

Bring customer emails from your inbox into your CRM

Integrate your calls & sales

Talk to leads as soon as they land on your website

Catch the leads that drop off your website

Make self-service selling available to website visitors

Conduct sales presentations & meetings from CRM

See the whole story with context from every interaction

Sales collaboration for your team, now matter where in the world they are

Get visual answers from your data with new generation of data visualisation dashboards

Drill deep into your sales data with customisable reports
Optimise your sales funnel by identifying where grow has the least friction. Test & evolve your marketing campaigns to be more effective
Automated workflow makes your business hours more productive by finishing routine tasks for you
Automations can send emails to customers, follow up with leads & update required fields
Every customer requires a unique approach
A CRM identifies & segments customers based on their requirements, leads source & level of responsiveness.

Every customer requires a unique approach

Segmenting customers based on their requirements, lead source & level of responsiveness, & then customising tailormade campaigns is all achievable with a CRM

Managing the whole Marketing & Sales process with automation frees up time & creative energies

That is how we create  compounding  improvements on your ROI

Onboarding Alone

The majority of CRM users are expected to keep self-motivating while training solo

Onboarding with Our Help

We coach & create targeted content to speed up & expand skill sets in real time

without down time

Onboarding Alone

​adds up to 12 hours

per user per week

Onboarding with Our Help

cuts onboarding time by

4 hours

per user per day

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